Social Traffic

7 12 2008

When it comes to getting visitors to your website the Internet landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years.

Web 2.0 style sites and a more interactive social media makes for a transparent playing field with users getting involved in the content they want to read and contributing themselves. When it comes to marketing and getting traffic to your website(s) Social Media Marketing is one strategy that cannot be ignored!

So what makes Social Media Marketing so important?
There is a combination of factors at work here. Authority sites are those that dominate their particular market and are seen as such by the major search engines. The other factor is every link pointing to your website is seen by Search engines such as Google and rated in some way by them. Thus links from a higher authority site (with a higher Google Page rank or Alexa rank) carries more weight in your favour – and the more of these linking to you, the higher your website will fly in the search engines!

The element of this strategy is getting the content out there on the internet in the guise of remote blogs and other free content providers to bring in targeted traffic to your sites.

If you’re new to the concept of social marketing and search engine optimization, it can be a confusing labyrinth of information.

The Social Marketing Manifesto will break the whole process down to manageable daily chunks of one hour sessions, guiding you by the hand, step by step on how to get your main websites flooded with traffic, prospects and customers.